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More than quality, the pursuit of perfection

Qingdao Fenggong Weiye Furniture  co., LTD., founded in 2003, is mainly engaged in foreign trade furniture manufacturing, mainly providing furniture products to South Korea. After years of unremitting efforts, has developed into a collection of research, production, sales in one of the large modern household enterprises. In recent years, the company has always been adhering to the spirit of ...
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Innovative products are not only about quality but also about perfection

  • Integrate

    Refined furniture quality natural raw materials and excellent craftsmanship perfect presentation des...

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  • Lampblack

    Perfect product is expensive in originality clever, close put the back of a chair of freely make sof...

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  • Flint

    Have a lazy mood, dream in elegant romantic courtyard, or lie, or sit, in the quiet and peaceful aft...

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  • Other

    Playing with the beauty of straight line and curve, but not abrupt pull away, the outer line is just...

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Enterprise development hand in hand you and I advance together

Service Support

Good products come from intimate service


Common Problem

The sealing ring and often easily lead t...

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Common Problem

Strive to build a high quality service cooperation system​

24 hours online service company for your dedicated service to our active play the advantages of local resources, playing the "Korea card", "Bao card" and "card", to further strengthen economic and trade cooperation with taiwan. In order to give you better service experience, the special launch of 24 hours online service. Our company serves you wholeheartedly. Professional focus, dedicated service; perfect; the pursuit of excellence, the pursuit of excellence, to create a happy life; to provide value-added services to create loyal users; the quality of dream speed determines the future; unity of hope, cohesion strength; customers in my heart, quality in my hands; carefully adhere to professional, timely and accurate knowledge to change the fate of honesty; that labor creates wealth; the detail...

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